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Software Expo Nepal (SEN 2020) is a one of a kind tech-webinar as well as a television show to promote the Nepali software industry. Software is continuously shaping the world around us and is also a multi trillion dollar global industry.The objective of the SEN 2020 is to promote Nepali softwares and highlight the increasing importance of software in our everyday lives. The awareness of technology will influence more youths to get into the sector so that the industry will be no short of talents in the coming years to harmoniously grow the industry. The shows will premiere on Television from 20-23rd of December for an hour each day. The event will be publicized enough to make the audiences await the premiere to check out all the participating companies and speakers. SEN 2020 will have various interesting segments within the show to include software of all sizes and types. SEN 2020 will premiere on Himalaya Television as well as social video platforms like Facebook and YouTube. Widespread publicity will ensure that students and parents view it alongside their children for greater product and industry awareness. This is the right opportunity for Nepali software companies to join in on this grand vision and share their precious creations to potential consumers. Software industry has the highest cost to returns ratio compared to any other industries in Nepal. It’s because it only takes a few computers to set up software development operations while factories have a lot of costs associated with them. The returns can be multiple times the cost in digital systems so it's more feasible in Nepal. More so because Nepal is situated between the manufacturing giants of the world China and India which makes it more difficult for traditional industries. Apart from the participating companies; SEN 2020 will also invite various well established technology companies of Nepal as well as their founding members to discuss their journeys while inspiring and influencing new technology entrepreneurs.

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